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Feig Electronic VEK CN1 Digital Vehicle Counter

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The digital counter VEK CN1 is designed to control small to medium car-parks. Four (4) counting inputs are used to accept signals from loop detectors and/or traffic gate controllers.

The counting inputs increment or decrement the count and is displayed on the 4-digit display. The output relay is used to turn on/off traffic signs or lot full signs.

Available Open space counter and count hysteresis are adjustable. The output relay can be used to directly control a traffic light or a variable message sign.

  • Counting of vehicles or free places
  • LED display at exceeding an adjustable counter level
  • Switch counter level and switch hysteresis adjustable
  • Output of traffic light or other changing display adjustable for “automatic“, “always free“, “always busy“
  • Counting from -999 to 9.999
  • Storage of counter level in case of power cut


1 Year from time at shipment. Limited Warranty. Please ask for our warranty Statement


Download Feig Electronic CN1 Info Sheet

Download Feig Electronic CN1 Installation Manual

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