OPTEX OVS-01GT Vehicle Presence Sensor


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OPTEX OVS-01GT Vehicle Presence Sensor

The OVS-01GT from OPTEX is designed to reliably detect the presence of a stationary or moving vehicle while also having the ability to ignore most human traffic. It also eliminates the hassle of a ground loop. No more concrete cutting required. The OVS-01GT can be mounted 2 to 3 feet off the ground and can detect both small and large vehicles. Its detection area can be customized easily, and without the need for lifts or ladders. The OVS-01GT is a versatile sensor for a variety of applications, including security gates, parking structures, banks, pharmacies, QSRs and industrial doors.


The OVS-01GT features 8 range settings for the microwave (above in blue) from 6'6" to 18', and 3 settings for ultrasonic (above in violet). The simple-to-use menu also has 5 settings for Human Cancellation Adjustment, 5 Sensitivity settings, and One-Touch Calibration.


Detection method: Microwave (Doppler shift and FMCW)/Ultrasonic combination
Frequency: Microwave: 24GHz, Ultrasonic: 56KHz
Response time: 500msec
Power supply: 12-24VDC
Current consumption: Max 200mA (at 24VDC) with Heater ON; Max 80mA (at 24VDC) when Heater is OFF
Output: Relay output DC30V, 0.3A (NO/NC selectable)
Input: NO/NC input
Detection range - Microwave: 6.56ft. to 18.04ft. (2 to 5.5m) Programmable maximum range
Detection range - Ultrasonic: 1.97ft. to 3.28ft.(0.6 to 1m) Programmable maximum range
Detectable vehicle speed: 1.24mph-12.43mph (2 to 20km/h)
Parameters - Sensitivity: Level 1 to 5
Parameters - Human Cancel Adjust: Level 1 to 5
Parameters - Presence Detection Timer: 5 / 60 / 180 / Infinity min
Parameters - Sensitivity Boost Timer: Off / 5 / 10 / 20 / 40 sec
Parameters - Input: Wake L / Wake H / Inhibit L / Inhibit H
Parameters - Output: NO / NC
Parameters - Microwave Max. Range: 6.56/8.2/9.84/11.48/13.12/14.76/16.4/18.04 ft. (2/2.5/3/3.5/4/4.5/5/5.5m)
Parameters - Ultrasonic Max. Range: OFF/1.97/2.62/3.28ft. (OFF/0.6/0.8/1m)
Parameters - Sensor Mode: Activation / Vehicle protection

Operation temperature: -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C)
Operation humidity: 95% max. (non-condensing)
International Protection code: IP65
Installed condition: Indoor/Outdoor
Installation height: Installation Height of 19.69in. (500mm)
Horizontal angle adjustment: Horizontally: +/-30 deg. (5 deg. steps)
Weight: 480g (Including accessories)
Accessories: 4 screws and installation manual

OPTEX OVS-01GT Product Literature

OPTEX OVS-01GT Parking Info Sheet



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